The Ultimate Guide to Fun Activities in Samantha, Cottondale, Tuscaloosa, and Northport, AL

Alabama has more to offer than just its outstanding reputation for excellent AC services and installations. Particularly in the towns of Samantha, Cottondale, Tuscaloosa, and Northport, there’s a plethora of activities to keep visitors and locals entertained.

In Samantha and Cottondale, you may be visiting for an AC replacement, but don’t let that be the only activity on your agenda. Dive into the local culture with attractions such as Lake Lurleen State Park in Cottondale. This beautiful spot is perfect for family outings or solitary moments in nature, offering fishing, hiking, and picnic spots. Take advantage of the serenity offered by Lake Lurleen, named one of the 100 best outdoor activities in Alabama.

No journey to this part of Alabama would be complete without a visit to Tuscaloosa, home to the University of Alabama. Go enjoy a thrilling Crimson Tide football game or tour the college campus. After exploring the university, quench your thirst for knowledge at the Alabama Museum of Natural History, located in the heart of Tuscaloosa.

In the beautiful town of Northport, there’s no shortage of activities. If you’re in the area for a 24 hour AC repair, make sure to explore Kentuck Art Center. Get acquainted with local artists and their admirable work in visual art, spanning numerous mediums such as painting, sculpture, and ceramics.

Finally, all these towns are serviced by Turner & Schoel, the region’s trusted source for AC service and installation. So whether you’re new to the area or a long-standing resident, be sure to check out these fun activities in Samantha, Cottondale, Tuscaloosa, and Northport, AL.