The Story of Empowerment at Shaw and Shaw

At Shaw and Shaw, we are much more than just law practitioners; we are the guardians of justice, freedom and equity. Our ideology is rooted in the spirit of relentless pursuit of fairness, be it in DWI Legal Services, Personal Injury Law Services, Corporate Law, Civil Litigation, or Real Estate Law. We thrive in our commitment to stand beside our clients in their hour of need.

Two decades ago, a humble legal firm was birthed in the heart of Western New York. We have since grown and spread across prominent locations such as Hamburg, Buffalo and beyond. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the trust and faith of our clients.

Our firm believes in justice prevailing above all, delivered with unwavering commitment and professional prowess. At Shaw and Shaw, we vow to preserve this. We are not just your lawyers, but your partners in the fight for justice.

To learn more about our journey, you can visit our About Us page. Remember, we are here for you, to guide you, protect you, and above all, empower you.