Innovative Modular Solutions by Linked Equipment

At Linked Equipment, a pioneer in creating innovative solutions is highlighted by tackling some of the most unique challenges for diverse applications. Our expertise extends to mobile restroom and shower solutions, shipping container kitchens, and much more.

A case in point is a food park client who required a streamlined and efficient mobile cooking space. For this client, our shipping container kitchens became the solution. These kitchens met all the prescribed health and sanitary regulations. We incorporated plumbing, electricity, ventilation, and the essential cooking appliances to create a fully-operational platform to support the client’s culinary creativity.

Meanwhile, for a client in the event industry, we implemented our state-of-the-art mobile restroom facilities and modular shower solutions. These stand-alone units not only offered an immediate solution but also guaranteed comfort, privacy, and hygiene.

Overall, our final products went beyond expectations proving that our solutions are not only practical and functional but can also be adjusted to meet unique needs and aesthetics. Linked Equipment proves that the only limit is your imagination! For more stories, please visit our website.