Easy DIY Tips that Every Homeowner Should Know About AC Repair and Service

In the long, hot summers of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, and the rest of Arizona, the value of a well-maintained Air Conditioning (AC) unit can’t be overstated. We are all aware of the significance of regular AC service and repairs for efficient cooling. Today’s guide provides easy DIY tips on Heating and Cooling, AC Repair, AC Service and AC Installation.

Maintaining Air Filters
Your AC unit’s air filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly to ensure the smooth operation of Heating and Cooling systems. A dirty air filter is the leading cause of AC problems and even decreases your unit’s efficiency by 5-15%!

Regularly Clean the AC Coils
Your AC’s condenser coils and evaporator can collect dirt over time, which reduces the unit’s ability to cool your home. Even though the filter reduces this somewhat, the coils will still get dirty. Cleaning your AC’s coils as a part of regular AC Service can prevent this problem.

Checking the Coil Fins
Sometimes the coil fins on the condenser and evaporator coils can become bent, which can obstruct airflow. They can be straightened with a tool called a “fin comb.”

Inspect the Thermostat Regularly
Your thermostat should be checked regularly to ensure that it’s working correctly and keeping your home at the right temperature. If you still use a mechanical thermostat, consider upgrading to a programmable model to save energy.

Proper AC Installation Tips
It’s crucial to account for central AC Installation. A wrongly installed AC unit will not cool your home properly and will be less efficient. Make sure your Air Conditioning unit is installed by a certified professional in AC Installation.

AC Service and AC Repair Phoenix, AZ
Despite the steps you can take to maintain your AC, at times you might need professional assistance with AC Service or repair. If your unit is not giving cool air, making strange noises, or giving off bad smells, you might require AC Repair solutions.

It’s worth noting that not all DIY attempts are successful and can sometimes cause more harm than good. Whether you’re in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale, or Surprise, our team at Desert Diamond is always ready to help with any issues related to your AC system. Remember, professional hands are always safer, more efficient and durable in solving your AC problems.

Just as your vehicle needs regular tune-ups, so does your AC unit. Proper AC Service, maintenance, and repair can keep your AC unit in tip-top shape and increase its lifespan, saving you money in the long run.