Advancing Energy Efficiency with Complete Insulation: A Case Study

Complete Insulation is renowned for its specialty in providing top-class Crawlspace Insulation Removal and Spray Foam Insulation Installation across multiple locations including Franklin, Murfreesboro, Brentwood, Nashville, Thompson’s Station, and Spring Hill, TN.

An interesting case study showcases a homeowner in Franklin, TN, troubled by high energy bills and uncomfortable drafts. The client approached Complete Insulation, suspecting poor insulation was to blame.

Upon a rigorous inspection, Complete Insulation’s team found the culprits – deteriorating crawl space insulation and lack of proper sealing. The team recommended a two-step approach involving Crawlspace Insulation Removal, followed by Spray Foam Insulation Installation.

The removal process was as essential as the crawl space contained old, ineffective insulation material that, left untreated, may lead to reduced energy efficiency. After the removal, the team installed advanced spray foam insulation, an ideal solution for its high R-value and ability to tightly seal cracks.

The result was mind-blowing. The homeowner soon began enjoying a more comfortable indoor environment and a substantial reduction in energy bills.

This case study reaffirms Complete Insulation’s commitment to boosting home energy efficiency and comfort across towns in Tennessee.